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Metaalhandel De Horne

Since 1983, Metaalhandel De Horne plays a role in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In the early years, we operated from our yard in Joure, but in 2009 we expanded to a larger yard in Heerenveen. On our two yards, we are able to process several waste streams and create useful resources for foundries and steel mills.

We collect several waste streams, consumer waste, industrial scrap, but also scrap from demolition activities. To enable the collection of these streams, we possess a large number of containers and an extensive fleet of trucks.

In order to process waste streams into useful resources for foundries and steel mills, we have a diverse set of machinery. Our production fleet consists of:

We are acknowledged by Stichting Batterijen as batteries recycler. With our special installation at our site in Joure, we are able to separate batteries from consumer waste. Separating batteries is done in the name of Batterijen Scheidings Bewerkings Installatie.

We are flexible in assigning our production resources, in order to optimally fulfill our customer’s needs. Click this page for an overview of the services we provide.