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Purchasing Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals

We buy both, ferrous and non-ferrous metals from private sellers, traders, collectors and industries.

You can deliver your material yourselves at our location in Heerenveen, but we can also pick it up at your place. Besides, we can place containers in which you can collect the material. For more information about our services, check the services page.

Selling Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals

We sell both, ferrous and non-ferrous materials to the Netherlands and abroad. We strive to doing business directly with the end-users of the resources: foundries and steel mills. This results in a short and reliable supply chain, which is beneficial for all parties.

We do not solely sell our materials, we can deliver them at your desired location at your desired time. Because of having our own fleet of trucks, we are able to deliver Just-In-Time. Check for more information our services page.

Our customers are located in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Export is business as usual for us. To our customers in western Europe, we can deliver scrap by ship or by truck. To our customers overseas, we will deliver the material in offshore containers.

It is possible to relate prices to indices. We are known with MRF-prices (Dutch), the German Wirtschaftverein and the French UCFF N1700.