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Recycling services

We strive to optimally fulfilling customer’s needs. Therefore, we deliver tailor-made work, depending on the customer’s individual needs. Because of the flexibility in assigning our production resources, we are able to deliver a broad range of services, which will all support the metals recycling processes. These services vary from collecting waste streams to de-tinning tinplate.

We gladly support you in collecting materials, by for example placing containers or organizing the collection logistics. Our planners are pleased to coordinate changing fully loaded containers for empty ones, or to lend an ear to your wishes regarding your planning for delivering our material to your place.

The demolition of factories or other buildings is another source of scrap for us. We possess the machinery to perform internal demolition activities, and are pleased to support you in any demolition project.

Next to collecting materials, we have extensive experience in processing waste streams into resources. We possess, among other machines, a mobile sieve, which can be used to separate materials based on size. Since the sieve is mobile, it can be used at any location. Other separating techniques we apply are the separation of non-ferrous metals, separation of batteries and de-tinning of tinplate.

You can buy our products loose, but also compressed in bundles.

Finally, we are able to destroy materials by means of our shredder. We do this for example with no live ammunition.